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Case Studies

Case Study Application Development

A major (international) company in the financial securities industry thought if they could better understand how they won and lost bids in the securities resale auctions, they could fine tune their bidding process to win more business at lower costs.

This conversation with the client happened during a sales call to the client where they were explaining why they DIDN’T need a recruiter! They had no IT budget and everything they needed had to be provided from their out-of-state home office. The client was trying to figure out how they could implement an application locally for reporting and analysis; which was not captured by national IT support.

During our discussions – we were shown their myriad of spread sheets currently used to manage the process – and listened to how they had so many issues with versioning control. At the heart of it – it was clear that moving from spreadsheets to a SQL database would not be an overly complicated procedure – and once in the database, we could begin implementing rules and writing code to help project the future based on the past. Of course – this is a gross simplification of a project that grew to a third generation level, filling a need to support the home office – and managed by PB&A.

The project DID optimize the clients’ market profitability. It was entirely managed by PB&A and staffed by PB&A. We were very creative with the client in financing the project in a way that did not violate any of their business rules, because they weren’t supposed to have an IT staff.

Case Study Business Start-ups

A start up Neutracutical Company with a very specialized niche in the health care industry had received generous funding from a venture capitalist to grow their business.

The principals, just 3 people, were exceedingly good at mixing nutrients for their specific product line and market niche – however they were absolutely “fish out of water” when it came to setting up a warehouse and distribution system, a call center, an internal network, phone systems, website e-commerce site and so forth. Pratt Brown & Associates, LLC was involved in assisting our client with the entire start-up from negotiating rent to selecting networks and creating an on-line social networking site (years before Facebook made the term social networking? ubiquitous).

Front to back, PB&A managed putting them into business from an infrastructure perspective. From negotiating leases, selecting an accountant, choosing phone systems that would grow with them appropriately, to web development and sizing and installing their networks.

We could help this group launch into a new business only because of our years of industry contacts to turn to for help. PB&A helped make their vision a reality!


Case Study Website/SEO Development

A local small business man in the luxury service industry had a beautiful website showing his work. Every person he sent to the site came back with nothing but praise. It was evocative and compelling. It showcased his talents beautifully. When he sent people to his site they usually ended up buying his services. Unfortunately, no one ever went to his website unless he sent them there. The site was written a few years ago when all you needed to do to attract search engines was to throw in a few good keywords in the meta descriptions and be done with it. Today search engines are far different in how they look at a site. Between when his site first launched and today, the entire paradigm of Internet search has changed.

Despite having a beautiful and compelling site, the site was not driving him revenue and didn’t show up anywhere on any search engines. Pratt Brown & Associates, LLC rewrote the entire site from top to bottom but preserved the original look and feel”. To the casual observer it looks like a minor upgrade. We also launched a Search Engine Optimization campaign including email marketing, blogging, press releases, reciprocating and non-reciprocating links, and many other techniques to gain search engine placement. Today he not only shows up in the top 10 on Google and Yahoo searches for his keyword phrases but he is often in the top 10 in multiple spots pushing his competition lower and lower in the rankings in the process. We had lunch with this client a while back and he related how during the slow season, all of his friends in the industry were complaining how in today’s economy they were lucky to get a single job in a week, he just smiled because almost all of his business comes in from the web and he’s constantly busy, where 3 years beforehand, he had not had a single web generated lead.

Once again, had our client gone to a commercial Tampa Search Engine Optimization Specialist, he’d have paid thousands of dollars more than he did with PB&A. Our client did not have the resources to compete against the national SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) efforts of some big name national competitors in the local market and local competitors doing a very good SEO job as well. We were able to transform his business and his web presence using the best professionals in the area. The result was a huge savings in the revamp and search success that few can claim to have achieved with sometimes as many as 4 to 6 of the top 10 search spots.

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