Competetive Interview Tips for IT Jobs

Your Image

  • Don’t over- or under-image.
  • Keep your dress/physical presentation within the boundaries of what you’re comfortable living, what you can maintain well beyond the interview process.
  • Avoid 100% polyester, long sideburns, heavy makeup or cologne, excessive jewelry, tie size inappropriate, tight knot too big, unpolished shoes (shows project incompletion), any form of seductive wear, wearing a short overcoat where the suit jacket sticks out, 51% into the next haircut.
  • Observe your walk, keeping it neutral. Observe the walk of your interviewer. Is it loose, comfortable, neurotic?
  • Rehearse your eye contact. Don’t intimidate.
  • Rehearse your voice, keeping some power in it, allowing it to drop slightly at the end of the phrase) opposed to up-talking). Practice!
  • Handshake – keep it firm and fairly quick. Don’t linger here.
  • Don’t skip breakfast. Get your energy and fill your potentially noisy stomach,
  • Get up extra early to be prepared and fully awake for an early interview.
  • Talk to yourself, psyche yourself up, keeping relaxed.
  • Arrive 7-10 minutes early.
  • Follow up with a hand-written or typed letter that same day thanking them and expressing interest to move forward.

Above are some important interview tips for how best to control the interviewer’s perception of you, or in other words, your image. Your image is one of the most important aspects of nailing an interview. How you dress and carry yourself is often the first thing that the interviewer will notice and one of the last things they will see as you end the interview.

Pratt Brown & Associates is here to help prepare you for your next big IT job interview. We work with employers and recruits to ensure that each recruit is matched with a job opening that they are best qualified for. For your next IT job, contact Pratt Brown & Associates.

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