Competetive IT Interview Tips:

Where the client asks, “Do you have any questions?”

  • Remember, this is where you can really stand out and be noticed, showing them how intense you are and how you think differently from all the rest.
  • The interviewer will be able to judge your value system based on the type and quality of the questions you ask.
  • You can obtain the information you need regarding concerns/issues that are vital to your decision-making process.

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your listening skills, sincerity and how well you will take direction from your potential employer. Remember your listening skills:

  • Don’t step on the ends of people’s sentences, or beat them to the end where they complete a simple statement, make a point or express an opinion.
  • The last five words of every sentence linguistically contain the most substance.
  • Always wait until the speaker has finished, count to 2, and then acknowledge with a “hum.”

Pratt Brown & Associates works closely with each IT Staffer to ensure that all of our recruits are exceptionally well qualified for the position they are applying for. Contact Pratt Brown & Associates today to get started on your next IT job.

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