Competetive Interview Tips for your next IT Job

At the end of the interview:

“Based on everything we discussed, I have a sincere interest in pursuing this, taking it to the next step. I hope that your thoughts are the same.”

Don’t beg, keep it “business cool”. GOOD LUCK, and remember…NO TIME FOR THINKING, JUST PERFORMING!

Remember that after you walk out of the interview room, the interview is not entirely over. You should never leave an interview empty-handed. Remember the receptionist who greeted you in the waiting room? Get her title and contact information. In fact, you should be getting the title and contact information of everyone you met and talked to before, during, or after you spoke to your interviewer. You never know who has pull within an organization.

You should leave the interview with a clear understanding of what the next steps in the interview process are. Does the hiring manager call in the most promising candidates for a second interview? How soon does the hiring manager come to a decision? These are both questions that are completely appropriate to ask.

Pratt Brown & Associates works closely with all of our recruits to ensure that they are highly qualified and 100% ready for the positions they are interviewing for. We coordinate with employers to make sure they get the most qualified candidate for the position. Contact Pratt Brown & Associates to get started on your next IT job!

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